You can’t learn less.

For this second post, lets just jump into what my past has taught me and the current events going on in my life.

I remember when I was younger my mom always told me never to worry about what anyone ever thought about me. She was always supportive and I listened. Anything someone said about me or thought would bother me, I just brushed it off.Some people ask me how I do it, sometimes they ask me if I think letting people say whatever they want about me is like letting them walk all over me. I don’t.

In my recent experience there actually was a time where this group of people were talking about me. You know when you hear something about yourself and you’re like “wow when did I do that?” That’s the type of situation it was. They didn’t like me so rumors started out of no where and people stared at me with judging eyes.

What did I do? I kept my head up. Because I believe that even when people are being negative about or towards you, you should not retaliate in a way that they want you too. If you think about it, rumors start and then two weeks later someone else is the new “headline”, tragic really. So when my “headline” was dead and it was someone else time to shine, people still asked me about said rumor. And so the truth eventually came out that it was not true.

If you ever want to get under someones skin, you do not have to react to anything that they are doing to you. Having no reaction is sometimes the best thing for you to do. Because really, what did you learn from the situation other than you can be just as dirty as the person who started it. Where you can’t learn less, you can improve the person you would like everyone to truly know. I always look back on what my mother told me, she was always great role model, although she doesn’t think she is.

With all of this being said I am going to end with this:

At the end of the day someone is going to try to put you down regardless of your decisions, so do whatever makes YOU happy.


This is me.

The Point of my “19 & Moving” blog is to show you all that life throws many things at you. In my eyes the experiences are what makes someones character. Someone who is in their seventies may have way more experiences than someone who is nineteen. But is it not the type of experiences? Is it so that you have to be elderly in order to say that you know what you are talking about?

Here, to start off  “19 & Moving” I am going to give you all a little back story. I feel as though you should know the author you are reading about or taking advice from. My opinions and/or life events are not to intimidate or offend anyone.

My name is Nyazhja. It is pronounced Ny-Asia. Simple now, right? I come from a single parent home and have three younger siblings. I was born but not raised in Lakewood, New Jersey. I am a proud mix of Bahamian and Puerto Rican. No, I am not bilingual, I wish I was though.

In my younger years, my mom tells me that I was a good child, I didn’t cry or anything, potty trained early, learned how to read and write early, pretty much the child everyone wants. But, as my other siblings slowly started to show up I became corrupted pushing and biting my siblings, mocking them and taking their toys because I wanted them too, you know, the usual big sister things. My sister Jhadeya is 17(she stresses me out), next is my brother Jadin (my favorite..shhhh) he is 15, and last but not least the evil.. I mean Jalynn she’s 9. I HOLD MY SIBLINGS IN MY HEART OVER EVERYTHING.

I mentioned a single parent home earlier. I give all thanks to my mother. She may irk my soul and push my buttons like no one else ever will… but she is the one that was always there and at the end of the day, I will do anything for my mother. I also have to give many thanks to my grandmother, she is continuously  there for us when we needed help. I absolutely love these two women. My father was around here and there, don’t get me wrong as cool or whatever you want to call it, but I didn’t need another friend I needed a parent. He isn’t my mom and she most definitely is not him.

As many rough times my family and I have had, I always had my outlets which include; reading, music, any type of art, school, and track. There is so much you guys will learn about me, experinces you would of never thought I have been through. I usually do not write, but hey, lets see where this blogging thing brings me.

I am currently a sophomore in college, Graphic design major with a general business minor. I appreciate how much art plays a role in my life. When I was younger I was probably the worst drawer ever. Then one day I sat down picked up a pen and there it was, my first drawing. In my later years, I picked up photography. I may post some of my pieces on here in later blogs.

The point of “19 & Moving” is to share with you my everday experinces and opinions. To show you who I am and how my experiences molded me into who I am today. but, for right now im gonna end with this:

The choices you make in life can only hurt you when you don’t learn anything.